#Original G-pa in action


beneath the leaves - cannes 2018 selection

an Indie Thriller, Directed by Adam Marino, Starring: Mira Sorvino, Aaron Farb and Doug Jones*. And Co-Starring myself as "Larry" a cigar smoking, apple chomping no nonsense Tow Yard Operator.


america's most wanted s22-e26

I had the privilege to portray Kevin Tracy in America's Most Wanted - reenactment, Kevin was severely beaten and left for dead. Timing is everything - the bad guys were caught on my birthday!   I had a red ring around my neck for a week after that shot. we got a little too into the moment.



i'm a shrink counseling a young man who has experienced severe trauma watching his best friend murdered in front of him - remember tommy, this isn't real.


thomas - the movie

A young boy, eager to imitate his father, borrows his fathers gun and goes hunting one day only to get the wrong game



I am totally immersed myself in this role. The underwater camera operator claimed he could hear my lines as I carried on my conversation underwater..